Brief cold spell

A cold night is expected with partly clear skies developing as the easterly wind kicks in. A risk of some occasional light rain, sleet and snow showers in places through the night, spreading eastwards. Temperatures will remain above freezing, for tonight anyway. Lows of 0 degrees.

A cold day is expected on Thursday with plenty of cloud around, again for some early mist or fog patches possible across higher ground. Through the day cloud will be thick enough to produce some light rain or snow at times, but this nothing of any real note, easterly winds picking up giving a wind chill to the day, occasionally veering northeast. Temperatures between 2 and 4 degrees.

Looking ahead to Friday and the upcoming weekend it’s a cold picture with plenty of cloud around again, this will be thick enough at times to produce some wintry showers but these are unlikely to amount to anything much. Heading into Sunday and as we progress through the day it will become milder, heralding the arrival of some unsettled conditions.

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